Waste Compaction Solutions for Vending Companies

Vending companies can offer a more complete solution to their customers, including efficient waste management.

Eurven solutions include waste compactors, and stacker bins for the vending sector.


  • Offer a complete solution: vending machines + waste management
  • Stand out among competitors: customers themselves ask for solutions to compact waste
  • Increase margins: it’s no longer the price of the products that makes the difference, but the additional solutions offered alongside them
  • Offer longer contracts: Customer benefits advocate loyalty with longer supply contracts
  • Marketing: eco-friendly machinery and customer advantages allow you to launch more incisive promotional campaigns, with effective messages to your potential customers: economic convenience, practicality and respect for the environment.
waste compactor for vending and ocs


Through an electronic payment system installed on the vending machines, it’s possible to retrieve a “deposit” linked to the rendition of plastic bottles, cans or coffee cups, so as to encourage proper recycling.

Through our KEY VENDING system, the Waste Compactor can, by collecting the empty packaging previously purchased from the vending machine, credit a deposit or incentive.

    Savings, Convenience and Environment

    Our waste compactors, along with our coffee cup stacker bins, are an ideal solution to be combined with the vending machines. The 90% reduction in waste volume results in significant cost savings, convenience and ease of use.

    Vending & OCS: benefits of waste compactors

    90% reduction in waste volume
    75 to 90% savings on bags and time taken to empty the bins
    More than 300€ annual saving with a single stacker bin

    Food Court solutions: R-Cups stacker bins

    Offri questa novità ai tuoi clienti... ed esponi tutti i vantaggi!

    R-Cups Coffee cup stacker bin and coffee stirrer recycling

    R-Cups by Eurven are cylindrical plastic cup stacker bins. This product neatly collects and stacks up to 1000 cups and collects up to 6000 plastic stirrers. It’s ideal for food courts and areas where there are automatic coffee dispensers.

    SAVE 300€/YEAR – For every Bin!

    Read more: Benefits and Saving


    Easy of Use

    The use of the stacker bin is extremely intuitive, easily separating the stirrers from the cups which will be perfectly stacked on top of one another.


    You will no longer make a mess with untidy bags, but with one simple step you will immediately find a new and clean bag, which can simply and quickly be replaced with the next.


    Save € 300 a year – for each bin in your food court!


    Reduce the volumes generated by waste in your food court by 75%, creating less pollution and saving recycling resources.