About Us

Technologies applied to the incentive recycling sector

Eurven is a leader, both in Italy and abroad, in system research, design and production for waste volume reduction. We develop systems to improve recycling, including our incentive system. Eurven builds custom-made systems based on specific customer needs: depending on the type of material to be processed, the treatment system required and the desired quantity of recyclables.

The waste compactors, reverse vending machines and other products are professional and reliable and low maintenance.

Thanks to our day to day experience, we have been able to place ourselves as a reference point for the study and production of machinery for waste volume reduction in Italy.

Following the desire to incentivize and continuously improve recycling and waste disposal, we produce commercial compactors and reverse vending machines that meet the specific needs of the customer. Depending on the type of material to be processed, the treatment system required and the desired quantity of recyclables, we identify the product that’s just right, and create it.

Our machines include technology covered by four patents plus one international patent. This distinction makes our waste compactors, and the entire Eurven product range, a reliable ally for recycling initiatives.

Eurven partners

Volpato srl

Volpato srl manufactures and designs automatic control systems for machinery using specially designed software. This dynamic and highly technological company develops software for: remote assistance and machine monitoring, design and construction of electronic boards for telemetry and for real time verifications of system functioning.

What Volpato srl can do for you:

  • supply modules and machinery, even complex ones, outsourced, created either through customer designs or original projects;

  • build, monitor, wire, install and test automatic lines;

  • design and supply the electronic and software components for the automation of industrial machines and plants;

  • commissioning and assistance / remote assistance;

  • on-site maintenance service

Volpato Srl certifications:

  • 1996 UL and C-UL certification with File E 172617 for compliance of electrical panels with North American market standards, subject to strict quarterly controls includes 'Industrial Control Panels for General Use' and 'Industrial Control Panels for Industrial Machinery';

  • 2001 ISO 9001: 1994 certification by the DNV international body;

  • 2003 ISO Update 9001: 2000;

  • 2010 ISO Update 9001: 2008;

  • 2018 ISO Update 9001: 2008;

  • 2010 TUW.

Euromeccanica group

Since it was founded in the 1970s, Euromeccanica has been hard at work to set itself as a reference point in sheet metal stamping. This company’s consolidated know-how allows for the creation of recycling compactors that are customized and precise in every detail.

Euromeccanica Group follows the customer during the development process, in the co-design, prototype and industrialization phases of the product. This entity collaborates with various industrial sectors: household appliances, automotive and trucks, as well as agriculture.

What they excel at:

  • design and construction of transfer and progressive molds;

  • precision mechanical machining on behalf of third parties on thermomechanically controlled CNC machines;

  • molding on hydraulic and mechanical presses;

  • deep drawing;

  • robotic welding.

The processes:

  • 2D and 3D laser cutting, combined cutting with punching;

  • press-bending, paneling;

  • assemblies with projection welding, riveting, clinching, etc;

  • finishing and powder coating.