Waste Compactors and Recycling Centres for municipalities

Incentive recycling solutions

At the service of Municipalities and Public Administration

Eurven offers the most advanced, simple to use and most widespread systems for protecting the environment and stimulating the local economy:

Recycling generates profits both from an economical and an environmental standpoint. How? Through a network of environmentally friendly businesses and commercial activities, which provide a series of discounts and benefits to citizens who collect ecopoints.

Eurven supplies eco-compactors and recycling centres equipped with the most advanced “incentive recycling” technology:

to raise citizens’ awareness of respect and protection of the environment, with increasingly careful and exemplary separate collection for younger generations.


Projects carried out

See the following example of a project carried out for the municipality of Cortona:

Eco-compattatori per comuni: riciclo incentivante e isole ecologiche con riconoscimento e calcolo eco-punti

Smart waste management system

Our smart recycling systems collect 40 million used containers of all types, from plastic bottles to PET containers.

Eurven eco-compactors make it possible to eliminate the emission of greenhouse gases up to 20 million kg of CO2 per year.

Eurven reverse vending machines for incentive recycling on the planet

3000 Machines Installed In Italy
5000 Machines Installed Worldwide
Over 10 Years Of Experience

Assistance & Projects

Waste compactors for Municipalities

macchine mangiaplastica per comuni, raccolta differenziata, isole ecologicheRequest a first contact for your Municipality: Eurven consultants provide complete solutions, from design to technology, up to support in communication and environmental awareness

Our experience allows us to meet different needs, adapting the technology and operation of the “incentive recycling” systems to the particular local reality, involving the administration, citizens and economic activities in protecting the environment, with obvious advantages also from a social and economic point of view.