Waste Compactors

Waste Compactors and Reverse Vending Machines, what are they?

Waste Compactors (Reverse Vending Machines) are automated machines that sort waste and reduce its volume. These packaging recovery products are often organized into three compartments to allow for the recycling of: PET bottles, aluminum cans and detergent containers.

Eurven Reverse Vending Machines are ideal for recycling in businesses, in places such as shopping centers and public offices. Every time waste is entered, the machine issues a receipt including a monetary value ticket or a discount voucher. What can you do with this coupon? In cases where the Municipality or the commercial activity adhere to the initiative, you can spend it at affiliated shops, or save the coupons for a write-off on your waste taxes.

Incentive recycling increases environmental education awareness, thanks to the synergy between various economic and social entities, committed to the growth of the territory.

Discover the benefits

Simple to use

Waste Compactors, How They Work

Citizens have learned about waste compactors for incentive recycling; if they’re present in public establishments and in their hometowns, they are spontaneously used.

Using Eurven compactors is smart! The waste compactor prints out the coupon or registers it on the app we have designed. We have come up with a functional and intuitive recycling system for everyone; from public businesses to municipalities and for the end users.

Installable wherever

The waste compactors can be installed both inside buildings and near public premises, such as schools and hospitals, or in affiliated businesses. We’ve created this machine for the reduction of both internal and external packaging.

They Create Value Of Citizenship

The waste compactors installed in schools are also an opportunity to carry out an educational path on the subject of waste and proper recycling. By using them every day, the new generations will learn the value of protecting the environment and the city. The students involved consequently start getting used to recycling, as a good habit, and then pass on what they’ve learned to their friends and families. Through incentive recycling, students can transform the coupons issued by the machine into money for the purchase of books and other school supplies.

What it is and how it works

The "Deposit Return Scheme" is a law present in Europe, as well as many other countries. When buying a container (plastic bottle, aluminum can or glass bottle) the citizen/consumer automatically pays a DEPOSIT upon purchase (it can vary from €0.02 to €0.25 each).

The DEPOSIT is then returned when the citizen/consumer redeems the bottle to where it was originally bought (usually the supermarket). Here you can find the RVMs (Reverse Vending Machines), that accept plastic bottles (as well as cans or glass bottles) and after determining the type of container, they rebate the exact DEPOSIT (in the form of coupons/ vouchers) that the citizen/consumer had paid in advance in the purchase phase.