Reverse Vending Machines in The Retail Industry and Shopping Centres

The advantages of "green marketing" in the retail industry

Attracting, retaining and rewarding customers

  • Attracts Customers and Communicates effectively: many retail industry groups focus on the “usual” formula based on offers, discounts and loss leaders… without really being able to stand out among the rest. “Incentive recycling” attracts customers thanks to a proactive stance and a formula capable of satisfying and retaining customers.
  • Building customer loyalty: the “incentive recycling” formula allows you to reward and satisfy your customer. Eurven waste compactors reward the customer and issue a coupon or reward points based on how much waste is recycled. The customer can keep track of everything through the App (How does it work?).
  • Convenient and Optimized Waste Management: 90% reduction in waste volume allows for savings on management costs (in addition to savings on time and space).
  • Branding: associate your brand with protecting the environment, recycling plastic, reducing emissions and pollution
  • Revenue: Eurven waste compactors and incentive systems are already successful cases for many large-scale retail brands.

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