R-Cups Coffee cup stacker bin and coffee stirrer recycling

R-Cups: coffee cup stacker bin and coffee stirrer recycling

R-Cups by Eurven are cylindrical plastic cup stacker bins. This product neatly collects and stacks up to 1000 cups and collects up to 6000 plastic stirrers. It’s ideal for food courts and areas where there are automatic coffee dispensers.

Elegant and customizable, made of easy-to-clean materials. Its exterior design can be customized by inserting personalized logos or prints.

Available in two versions: 4 openings (up to 600 glasses) and 6 openings (up to 1000 glasses)

Food Court solutions: R-Cups stacker bins


SAVE € 300 A YEAR – For Each Bin in Your Food Court!

Among the “hidden” costs that every entrepreneur has to face, there are some that may seem unnoticeable but do carry a “burden”, both economically and on the environment. Among these invisible costs there is also the handling of the refreshments area. Let’s do the math together …

A cleaning company costs on average between €15 and €20 an hour.
So let’s assume an average of €17.5 an hour. It means that each minute of service will cost around 29 cents. Emptying a standard bin takes about 7 minutes of work, including extracting the bag, washing (because the cups thrown in a disorderly manner make a mess), and putting a new bag back in the bin, therefore an emptying cost of € 2.03.

Suppose you are a small company and that the bin in the dining area is emptied on average 4 times a week, this corresponds to a monthly management cost of about 33 euros per bin. Suppose that between the summer and Christmas holidays the company does not produce rubbish for one month a year, thus multiplying the 33 euros by 11 months, you will have an annual management cost of €363 for emptying 176 bags!


With our STACKER BIN the costs are drastically reduced because the typical capacity of a traditional bin is only about 150 cups.

Our small 4-hole STACKER BIN holds 660 cups, so four times more. Given the same scenario, if you were previously forced to empty the bin 4 times a week, only one would be enough with the STACKER BIN. The time it takes to change the bags is also reduced because with our simple system the bag is quickly extracted, keeping everything clean and tidy, taking up no more than 2 minutes each time.

Looking back at our previous calculations, 2 minutes of work cost 58 cents, once a week, for a monthly cost of about €2.32. So an annual management cost of only €25.52 and the disposal of only 44 bags.


Your Food Court will always be in order and you can also customize your STACKER BIN with your brand to create a noticeable image towards customers and employees who access these services.


Ease of use

The use of the stacker bin is extremely intuitive, easily separating the stirrers from the cups which will be perfectly stacked on top of one another.


You will no longer make a mess with untidy bags, but with one simple step you will immediately find a new and clean bag, which can simply and quickly be replaced with the next.


Depending on the size of the company, the figures change, but the savings remain constant around 75% compared to traditional bins.


Reduce the volumes generated by waste in your food court by 75%, creating less pollution and
saving recycling resources.