Stationary Recycling Centre ECM1100


System for external/outdoor use for roadside collection on a 1100 liter bin with a DIN attachment, for the collection of plastic bottles and cans (with a volume reduction of up to 90%) paper, glass, organic waste, WEEE, oil, mixed waste. Stationary recycling centres improve traditional recycling by making it efficient, innovative and sustainable. They can be equipped with the most modern user recognition technologies (transponder keys, RFID, CARD, Health Card reader, etc.) and monitor collection statistics. Thermal printer for ticket issuing; Automated tilting delivery door with limit switch and anti-crushing safety system. Remote control of the island with capacity status, amount of waste collected, user access, maintenance. Front, side or rear access doors for bin emptying and maintenance. Standard LED lighting for each module.

The stationary centres are configurable and modular: recycling centres for separate collection can be specifically created to be installed in squares, public areas, shopping centres, recycling areas, campsites, parks and neighborhood waste collection areas.