Greeny ECM1100


Large compactor system for external/ outdoor use, including roadside on a 1100 liter bin – DIN attachment, for the collection of plastic bottles and cans with a volume reduction of up to 90%.
The 1100 ECOMODULES turn traditional recycling into an efficient, innovative and cost-effective method. This is possible thanks to the option of equipping the ECOMODULES with our patented compactor which reduces the volume of waste fractions and results in a drastic reduction in costs and emptying times. The ECOMODULES can be equipped with the most modern user recognition technologies (i.e. transponder keys). They can provide for user recognition by recognising health cards / ID cards and managing collection statistics.
Separate bottle cap compartment
Registered international patents.
CE certified.

Ideal for installations in squares, public areas, shopping centres, recycling centres, parks, campings.